Photo competition

Attention all SA Central Branch members!

We have decided it is time to update our cover photo for the SACB facebook page and also our banner on the ASHS SA Central Branch website.

So…. we are having a little competition!

The idea is that all interested members upload their photo they wish to nominate for the cover in the comments section on the relevant facebook post. Then members of the group can vote on their favourite photo but clicking like.

The photos with the most votes will be used to create a montage for our group cover page and website. It would be great to show the versatility of our SA Australian Stock Horses, so let’s upload photos from all areas and not just professional shots!!

Voting will close on 15/8/14.

Please make sure you have the appropriate permission if uploading a professional photographer’s photo.

If you don’t have facebook, please email Rachel Fenn who can load your photo on behalf to the SACB facebook page (please state that your photo is for the facebook and website cover competition).

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South East Branch May Ride

The South East of SA, ASH Branch will be running their popular May ride again, between the 3rd to 11th May 2014 in Meningie East.

See the Invitation for more details.
Fill in the Registration form and the Waiver to secure your spot on the ride.

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SA Futurity/Maturity Show: 26 April 2014, Naracoorte

SA FUTURITY/MATURITY SHOW: 26 April 2014, Naracoorte Pony Club grounds

Programme out now.

Classes include:

Yearling Futurity
2 Year Old Futurity
3 Year Old Futurity
4 Year Old Maturity
5 Year Old Maturity
6 Year Old Maturity
Junior Member Classes
& Novelty Events

Entries close 11th April.

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Would you like to sponsor?

To All ASHS SA Central Branch members,

Our branch will be hosting our Branch Show on Sunday November 24th 2013 at the
Murray Bridge Show Grounds. The program will be sent to all members & nearby
branches as soon as it has been completed. We are also in charge of hosting the State
Futurity/Maturity Show in March 2014 as the SE Branch ran it earlier this year.
Our committee would like as many members as possible to support these shows in any
way, either through competing, helping with ground set up the day before, or assisting
on the day of the show. If members are unable to attend either of these shows, we are
also seeking sponsorship.

Please let me know if you are able to help by sponsoring with a $30 donation. This
amount from members would help considerably, and would be greatly appreciated in
making these Branch events successful.

If you are able to contribute, please post a cheque to the above address, made out to
ASHS SA Central Branch Inc. Or if EFT suits better, our branch banking details are:
Bendigo Bank – ASH SA Central – BSB 633-000 ACC# 147269419
Please use your name as a reference & perhaps send me a quick email so I know the
transfer has taken place.

Thank you very much for your support and we hope to see you all at the shows!

Irene Fenn
On Behalf of the ASHS SA Central Branch Committee
Secretary of the ASHS SA Central Branch
PO Box 1159
Balhannah SA 5242

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Results from the ASHS SA State Futurity/Maturity held 24th February 2013   can be viewed on the result page along with the results from the Royal Adelaide breed show held 3rd  march 2013

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ASHS Central Branch Training Days for 2013

The ASHS SA Central Branch will be conducting branch training days at Tilling Hill Indoor Arena at Echunga, with our ASHS Accredited Branch Coaches on the following dates: 

 Saturday -19th January                        Saturday – 27th  April                                           

Saturday -16th February                     Saturday – 18th May

Saturday- 16th March 

SACB Training Day Form 2013



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Level 1 Accredited Judges Clinics / Workshop for SA!

Level 1 Accredited Judges ClinicsAre you interested in becoming a Level 1 Accredited Judge for the Australian Stock Horse Society? Are you already an Accredited Level 1 Judge who has to do their 3 year refresher to maintain your accreditation?

Please see the following dates for a clinic near you. If you would like to attend please fill out an application form and send it to …Young, old, experienced or not this is a great opportunity to learn from the beginning or perhaps brush up on those skills. The most important thing is to keep judging consistent across all events and maintain the standard of excellence of the Australian Stock Horse breed.

22nd-23rd June 2013 – Sydney (Londonderry), NSW (Assessor: David Wilson/David Ross) – Limited numbers available
6th-7th July 2013 – Melbourne (Sunbury), VIC (Assessor: TBC)
20th-21st July 2013 – Adelaide (Keith), SA (Assessor: TBC)
21st-22nd September 2013 – Darwin, NT (Assessor: TBC)
28th-29th September 2013 – Dardenup Equestrian Centre, WA (Assessor: David Wilson)
12th-13th October 2013 – Mackay, QLD (Assessor: TBC)
9th-10th November 2013 – Brisbane, QLD (Assessor: TBC)
7th-8th December 2013 – Canberra, ACT (Assessor: David Wilson)

To attend a Level 1 Accredited Judges Workshop download an Application Form from below or the ASHS website or contact Head Office on (02) 6545 1122.

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Property Identification Code

At SACB we have instigated the PIC number to be on the entry form as part of all our ASH events and programmes from now on.
This includes the training days, shows and any event where we will be using our Aust Stock Horses.
As a committee we decided to act first so that in the event of another “EI” situation, we would be prepared and have records of our members and competitors, horses etc. from now on. (you will notice a new release of the SACB branch show programme and the entry form has been updated to include the PIC).

We also thought by introducing this now, we can use this time until the end of 2012 as a grace period, so if you do not attach the PIC on the entry form we will contact you for the details, but still accept your entry.

However, as of 1st January, 2013 if the PIC is not on the form, we will return it along with their entry.

 The SACB regard this as a step toward educating the members and most importantly prevention of the comittee being caught, or on the back foot if there is a serious disease outbreak.  As committee  members we will be accountable and also required to act appropriately and abide by the ASHS       handbook, to take the necessary precautions.  This is all made so much easier if we have accurate records

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Social Media use


 Dear members,                                                                                                                                  I am writing to remind you of the “ASHS policy on the use of social networking sites” which has been in place since April this year.

Please remember that we have in place processes to provide feedback to the society, including Management Council and Branches, which allow fair and reasonable consideration of any issues that may be brought to our attention.

There have recently been some comments made on social media sites that could be in breach of the Society’s policy.

I have taken advice from the Chairman of the ASHS Board, Joy Poole, in regards to dealing with this issue, that advise being to reissue the policy to all members in South Australia as a reminder and to ensure everyone is aware of the possible consequences should such alleged breaches be elevated to the Board, investigated and proven.

Please act with integrity in all communication where social media is concerned, and at all times act as ambassadors for ASHS, a status that comes with your membership.

If you would like to discuss the contents of this communiqué, please feel free to contact me either by email or phone. Alternately correspondence may be addressed directly to SA Management Council                                                                                                                          Kind regards                                                                                                                              Cherie Jolly

President SA Management Council 

ASHS Policy On Use Of Social Networking Sites

Friday 20th April 2012

Social networking sites such as Facebook have become an increasingly popular means of communication in recent times and have facilitated widespread communication between people without the geographical barriers that have previously existed to such communications.

Of course, there are problems inherent in the use of technology in this way and I wish to alert Members to a serious problem that the Society has recently encountered, and the policy that has now been adopted by the Society to prevent similar situations arising in the future.

A recent event conducted by the Society was the subject of a widespread and heated exchange of communications on Facebook during which, unfortunately, a number of derogatory, scurrilous and in some cases defamatory comments were made about certain circumstances and certain individuals.

The Society will not tolerate the use of social networking sites to facilitate or broadcast denigration of the Society or individuals within it, whether they be Directors or Members. The Society’s Articles, Rules and Events Handbook contain long-standing provisions which provide a formal avenue for the making of complaints and for the hearing of them. These cover the conduct of individuals, both Members or Directors, and the conduct of Judges, breeders and competitors.

These provisions have been established to provide a fair and just means for Members to complain about matters of concern to them, and a framework for the complaints to be properly and constructively dealt with and for disciplinary action, if warranted, to be taken. The provisions are necessary to maintain the integrity the Society as a strong, cohesive and reputable organisation. That is to the benefit of all of us.

The Board has now adopted a policy to the effect that the making of derogatory, derisive, inflammatory and defamatory comments relating to the Society or any of its events, Members or Directors may be referred to the Disciplinary Committee as conduct that is unbecoming of a Member and/or prejudicial to the interests of the Society. The Disciplinary Committee constituted under Article 25 of the Society’s constitution has the power to exercise disciplinary powers in appropriate cases, including the impositions of fines, suspension of membership and even expulsion.

I would ask all Members to support the Society in achieving its aims and objectives in this regard.

The Chairman,
The Australian Stock Horse Society Limited.






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Herbal Horse®

Where horse & rider’s health comes first

HERBAL  HORSE HAMPER                                                                                                                         For the months of July until we go on our Christmas break in December, all purchases from Herbal Horse will go into a draw to win a Herbal Horse hamper, valued at over $500.

 The hamper includes the following –
1 x 5kg Herbal Horse Vitalis
1 x 1kg Stepping Out formula
1 x 100ml While You Wait colic formula
1 x 100ml Wound Cream
1 x 100ml Ease The Aches cream
1 x 50ml Eye Wash
1 x 100ml Nervous Ned’s & Nellie’s
1 x 100ml Pure Aloe Vera Gel
1 x 1kg TLC (Tendon/Ligament Care) formula
1 x 100ml Calendula Ointment
1 x 250ml Aloe Vera Shampoo
1 x 250ml Aloe Vera Conditioner
1 x 500ml Hoof Dressing
1 x 100ml Calendula Extract
1 x 100ml Devils Claw Extract
1 x 1kg Himalayan Rock Salt on a rope 

All invoice numbers from that time frame will be entered into a random number generator and drawn at random. The winner will be notified by email or phone and posted on the Herbal Horse Facebook page.


Simple yet effective.  Easy to use, with a long shelf life. A Must have for all First Aid Kits!

A “I am pleased to be able to share my thoughts and endorse Anita’s ‘While you Wait’ product which has assisted in the relief of colic symptoms for my horses on numerous occasions whilst waiting for a vet to arrive. Frank my newest addition from the race track and now a newcomer to the show jumping scene came down with colic during his time rehabilitating from racing. By using ‘While you Wait’ we were able to, in which case I believe, save Frank from what could have been a very unfortunate outcome for such a lovely horse.                                                                                                                                        This product also has assisted my other ‘problem child’ with his constant tying up which has in some instances lead to colic. I always keep a bottle on hand just in case and even if a horse seems a bit off, it is safe enough to use as an alternative to synthetic relaxants. I now rest assured that I can do as much as possible to make my horse feel comfortable.”

Tracy Martin

Anita will be having a trade stand at the 40th Anniversary branch show on October 28th.  Please come over and say hi!

New owner ~ Brojatsch  Anita                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PO Box 550  Tenterfield  NSW  2372      Ph: (02) 6736 4466     fx: (02) 6736 4455

E:      W:    Online Store:





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