SA Central Branch membership is free. Membership will entitle you to:

  • Voting rights – SACB
  • Eligible for branch High Point Trophies – SACB
  • Discounts on selected events – SACB run or SACB Sanctioned
  • Opportunity to be on the SACB Committee
  • Opportunity to be a SACB delegate to State Management Council
  • Represent SACB at ASH events Australia wide

You will also receive the official SA Central Branch “Stockwhip” newsletter and be kept up to date on events and activities of interest. The branch also partakes in social activities, such as lunches and movie nights, so you do not always need to have a horse to be a SACB member.

You will be allocated to a branch when you pay your Australian Stock Horse membership to Head Office . However, it is easy to join SA Central Branch, if it is not your local or primary nominated branch, simply by filling out the membership form.

ASHS Members that are allocated as SACB members as on their ASHS membership, do not need to complete a branch membership form. Any other ASHS member can apply for SACB membership EG: SE of SA branch members who want to compete in our branch area and get a copy of our branch newsletter. We welcome all ASHS members to our branch to be active and take an interest in our SACB events.