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Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher

Impact crusher is a mechanical crushing machine used to crush lumps, grains and particles of mineral raw materials and similar materials by crushing the rock with hammer blows rigidly fixed to a rapidly rotating rotor, as well as by crushing the lumps when hitting the crusher body plate. Impact crushers are similar in design to hammer crushers, but the advantage of impact crushers is the free exit of raw materials from the grinding chamber. As a result, we do not have to worry about the moisture content of the raw materials. This advantage allows the crusher to be used outdoors.

The impact crusher consists of the following main elements:

Impact Crusher Operating Principle

The raw material entering the crushing chamber hits the rotating rotor. This is how the primary crushing takes place, after which the material is thrown away and hits the armor of the crusher body. This process occurs an indefinite number of times, as a result of which the material acquires a given size. The size of the material depends on the gap between the rotor impact elements and the bumpers on the housing.

Impact Crusher Applications

The main area of application of impact crushers is the production of cube-shaped crushed stone. But impact crushers also can be used in other industries:

As a rule, an impact crusher is installed after a jaw crusher and is needed for secondary crushing. We will consider the option when the feedstock allows using only a impact crusher. For feeding into the crusher, you can use an apron or belt feeder.

Technical Specifications

ModelRotor (mm)Feed Opening (mm)Max Feeding Size (mm)Capacity (t/h)Motor Power (kW)Weight (t)

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