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Biomass Fuel Shredding Project in Philippines

Biomass Fuel Shredding Project in Philippines

This is the biomass fuel shredding system provided by ShredRecycling for the 25 MW biomass power station invested and constructed by NNBP(Fortune 500 companies) in the Philippines.
The fuel for this biomass power station is bundled sugarcane leaves and other crop stalks. The main function of the shredding system provided by ShredRecycling is to break up the bundled biomass raw materials and shred them into a size suitable for boiler combustion.

In order to meet the needs of boiler burning, NNBP purchased 3 biomass shredding production lines. ShredRecycling's biomass shredding system adopts the GDB series twin-shaft shredder specially developed for shredding biomass materials, which is reliable and durable, with a long life span, and is well received by the market.

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