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Expired drug Destruction Project in Singapore

Expired drug Destruction Project in Singapore

A Singapore medical service company needs to destroy expired medicines and medical instruments. After a comprehensive inspection, they chose ShredRecycling's small twin-shaft shredder equipment for destruction operations.

When choosing the destruction equipment, the customer paid great attention to its availability and working life. After comparing various equipment and multiple suppliers, they finally chose ShredRecyling's twin-shaft shredder series. The customer said, "We need to ensure that the destruction work can be carried out at any time, and also reserve redundant processing capacity, so we chose ShredRecycling equipment."

Why Choose ShredRecycling As your Partner

  • Profound technical foundation and R&D capabilities.
  • Continuously stable and efficient equipment processing capabilities.
  • Excellent and reliable overall solution design ability.
  • We have continuous high requirements for products.
  • Creating good products and satisfying customers is our DNA.
  • Respond quickly to user needs at any time.
  • We take every customer seriously and sincerely help them solve their problems.

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