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Industrial Waste Disposal Project in Korea

Industrial Waste Disposal Project in Korea

In an industrial park in Busan, South Korea, a large amount of industrial waste is generated, causing huge pollution. ShredRecycling provided a complete industrial waste shredding system to a local waste management company to shred the industrial waste and separate the metal from it.

The relatively large proportion of these industrial wastes are pulp and manufacturing plant waste, fibrous materials, scrap wooden pallets, furniture factory waste, etc. This requires shredders to provide greater shearing force.

Industrial Waste Disposal Project in Korea

This customer previously purchased a cheap shredder from Shandong, China, and a major accident (spindle fracture) occurred during operation. After understanding the technology of ShredRecycling, the customer chose us decisively. At present, the equipment has been in operation for more than 2 years and is in good condition.

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