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Waste Tire Shredding & Recycling Project in Thailand

Waste Tire Shredding & Recycling Project in Thailand

This is a solution provided by ShredRecycling for a tire recycling company in Thailand, located in Bangkok. Two tire shredding production lines are used to break automobile tires into smaller sizes, separate fabric and steel wire, and then use cracking equipment to refine oil and use it for fuel.

Two Waste Tire Shredding Line

This project uses two GDT series twin-shaft shredders specially developed for tire recycling applications, which can crush the entire tire to a suitable size, which is very energy-efficient and greatly reduces the overall complexity.

"The whole solution is simple and reliable, low energy consumption, and fast response support is an important reason for us to choose ShredRecycling", the customer said.

Why Choose ShredRecycling As your Partner

  • Profound technical foundation and R&D capabilities.
  • Continuously stable and efficient equipment processing capabilities.
  • Excellent and reliable overall solution design ability.
  • We have continuous high requirements for products.
  • Creating good products and satisfying customers is our DNA.
  • Respond quickly to user needs at any time.
  • We take every customer seriously and sincerely help them solve their problems.

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