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Twin Shaft Shredder for Sale

Twin Shaft Shredder for Sale

Twin haft shredder GD is a universal waste shredder. The special design of the blades on the shredder allows you to grip the recyclable materials and shred with maximum efficiency. The robust, reliable design of the crusher shredder is made on modern high-precision metal-working machines, guarantees the quality of assembly, has a long service life, in relation to other types of waste shredders, is designed for long-term operation in harsh conditions with minimal maintenance costs.

Processing of material in the twin-shaft shredder employs the principle of cutting and scraping material on the edges of discs placed on two working shafts turning against each other. Two sets of tearing discs having the same width with hooks around the perimeter, set on two parallel shafts are the working tools. The processed material takes shape of irregular strips which width is defined by shredding disc width. The processed material falls into the area under the machine on the floor or into a prepared container possibly a conveyor.

double shaft shredder

The control system prevents the overfilling and overloading of the machine. The control system can even control the drive of the load-up and lift-up conveyors. Moreover, the infeed hopper can be equipped with sensors of minimum and maximum level of material.

The shedder can be equipped by a hydraulic pusher that enables processing of a large-volume scrap material (e. g. plastic barrels) by periodical pushing of the material into engagement of shredding discs.

We provide the twin-shaft shredders with wide ;range of applications in 5 basic series: for industrial waste, for bulky waste, for waste tires, for organic waste and for biomass waste.

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