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Pre-shredders are efficient waste processing machines utilized in recycling and waste processing applications. It is usually used for mass pretreatment of municipal solid waste, or for primary shredding of difficult-to-handle materials such as car shells, bulky waste, etc. Pre-shredder is a type of double shaft shredder, it uses the principle of shearing and tearing to realize shredding, which can shred extremely coarse materials forcefully and prevent the accumulation of raw materials.

Large-scale waste treatment applications face many challenges. For example, the large-scale processing requirements put huge pressure on subsequent treatment equipment, and the wide range of changes in electrical load caused by different types and sizes of waste, etc., which will cause huge uncertainties to the entire system. The addition of a pre-shredder to the disposal system helps to reduce and disassemble the material before it is sent to the main shredder, reducing risks and at the same time homogenizing the feed. Pre-shredders are widely used in projects such as car shell shredding and large-scale obsolete waste disposal.

Technical Specifications

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