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Single Shaft Shredder

Single Shaft Shredder

Single Shaft Shredder

Single shaft shredders are commonly used in recycling operations for the production of valuable secondary raw materials.It shred used telecommunication equipment and cables as well as circuit boards, cable residues, household waste for substitute fuel and safety floor coverings. ShredRecycling specialists develop all aspects of the process: From feeding to size reduction and segregation, all the way to sorting and separation of the various secondary raw materials.

ShredRecycling single shaft shredders have been designed as dependable machines to be used in a wide variety of applications. They can achieve high outputs while being able to handle larger and stronger input materials. Combining a heavy rotor with a slow speed and high torque drive also helps reduce energy costs by avoiding amperage peaks.

ShredRecycling are the specialists in shredding and briquetting technology. With our range of precision-engineered machines you can convert your surplus and waste products into manageable, valuable and reusable materials.

Our shredders process all kinds of waste including wood, plastics and metals and our briquetting machines process the waste into uniform bales for use in burners or for easy transportation.

ShredRecycling Single Shaft Shredder Design

This heavy duty and compactly built machine is designed for roughest operations. Two large front doors and screens that open widely allow easy access to the cutting chamber. It allows for operation in both rotational directions. A “crammer” is not necessary due to the special design. The material is grasped by the rotor and drawn in. A discharge flap in the infeed directs foreign objects, detected during operation, out of the machine. The safety devices are in compliance with the current machine directives.

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