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Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen is a multi-layer, circular motion vibrating screen, mainly composed of screen box, screen, vibrator, vibration damping spring device, bottom frame, etc.. The side plate of the screening machine is made of high quality steel plate, the side plate is connected with the cross beam and the base of the vibrator by high strength bolts or ring groove rivets, and the amplitude is adjusted by the cylinder type eccentric shaft vibrator and eccentric block. Stable vibration source, strong vibration force, large processing capacity, wide applicability and long service life.

Vibrating screens are widely used and essential in mineral processing operations, construction aggregate sand and gravel production, construction waste, solid waste treatment and coal preparation industries.

Vibrating Screen Operating Principle

The electric motor makes the eccentric block of the vibrator rotate at high speed through the triangle belt. The running eccentric block produces a large centrifugal force, which excites the screening box to produce a certain amplitude of circular motion, and the material on the inclined screen surface is subjected to the impulse of the screening box and is done a continuous throwing motion. When the material meets the sieve surface, the particles smaller than the screening hole pass the screen, thus achieving grading.

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