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Hazardous Waste Management Plant

Hazardous Waste Management Plant

Toxic and hazardous waste is often generated in industrial and commercial activities and cannot be simply shredded because it can burn, explode or cause liquid or gas leaks during the shredding process. Common hazardous wastes include paint drums, IBC tanks. ShredRecycling's hazardous waste disposal system is a system solution designed to safely dispose of these hazardous wastes and recover the usable components from them.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Recycling Solution

ShredRecycling has extensive experience in providing shredding, fuel blending, destruction and recycling solutions for the hazardous waste disposal industry. We design one or more efficient shredders depending on the material, quickly reducing the material to the required size, with optional fire protection and negative pressure ventilation systems as required. Whether you are recycling materials, disposing of them in a non-hazardous manner or burning them for energy, we can provide you with an efficient, safe and stable solution.

Tower Shredding System for Hazardous Waste

A modular, intelligent shredding solution designed specifically for hazardous waste disposal, with a small footprint, safety and stability, and scalability. It combines a lifting system, storage bin, safety and protection system, shredding system, fire protection system, intelligent control system and service and maintenance system to maintain efficient and low-failure operation in the process of the complex composition of hazardous waste with many categories and unpredictability.

Horizontal-Type Shredding System

This is a simple waste disposal system suitable for the disposal of non-flammable and explosive hazardous wastes as well as other industrial wastes such as containers that have been loaded with dangerous gases, liquids, and solids but are currently empty: metal barrels, plastic barrels, IBC barrels, paint barrels, chemical waste, expired drugs. If necessary, gas and liquid collection equipment can be installed to prevent secondary pollution.

Horizontal-type shredding system has simple structure, convenient maintenance, good treatment effect and long service life.

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