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Industrial Waste Management Plant

Industrial Waste Management Plant

Industrial solid waste is waste generated by enterprises in the course of their production and operation activities. It contains a wide variety of types of industrial waste, and the types of industrial waste generated by individual enterprises generally do not vary greatly. Large quantities of industrial solid waste take up space, may contaminate soil, groundwater or air and should be disposed of promptly. Note: Industrial solid waste does not include hazardous and toxic waste, such as medical waste from hospitals, radioactive waste, etc.

ShredRecycling Industrial Waste Management System

The disposal of industrial waste revolves around volume reduction, reuse and recycling. Depending on the characteristics of the material, a multi-stage shredder or crusher is used to reduce the volume of the material; a separator such as an iron separator is used to separate the reusable metals such as iron, aluminium, copper and zinc; other materials can be separated and recycled, some high calorific value materials can be produced as fuel and other worthless materials can be sent to landfills.

ShredRecycling offers integrated industrial solid waste disposal systems that are not only suitable for specialised solid waste disposal centres, but are also used by companies that generate large quantities of industrial solid waste.

ShredRecycling Shredding and recycling Solution

Whether in industry or in disposal companies – when it is a matter of shredding and recycling, ShredRecycling is the best address. For we have a clear strategy for maximizing your benefit:

As the core of our "hardware", our 1-, 2- or 3- shaft shredders and our highperformance granulators assure an efficient breaking-up of materials – as single machines or integrated into complete shredding and recycling plants.

And they are the "hard core" of our worldwide proven ShredRecycling recycling and shredding technology. For shredding, separation and recycling reusable and non-reusable waste.

Whether swarf, domestic appliances and electronic scrap according to WEEE, biologically contaminated materials, tires, goods in bales, industrial refuse of all kind, commercial waste, special waste and much more – ShredRecycling shredders are the best choice.

c&i waste shredding plant

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